Employee Health & Safety

Schwan’s Company is committed to offering programs, tools and resources that help employees stay healthy and safe.


For safety, our goal is to make sure everyone goes home in the same shape as when they came to work. We make safety our top priority and work toward achieving zero employee injuries and zero vehicular accidents with four guiding principles:

  1. Working safely is a condition of employment.
  2. Everyone is responsible for preventing accidents and injuries.
  3. All accidents and injuries can be prevented
  4. Employees have the right to stop unsafe work.

Employee Health

To complement the company’s focus on safety, an important part of the culture at Schwan’s Company is ensuring employees are fully engaged in their health and wellness. We have long-standing strategies designed to benefit the physical health of employees as well as their emotional, financial and social well-being.

Our team members have access to employee assistance services, online tools that help track physical activity, free health assessments, health screenings and flu shots, health-coaching programs and rewards for achieving healthy behaviors. In 2016, we gave special focus to:

  • Launching a partnership with Grand Rounds to offer programs that help employees: find the best physician in their areas, book a doctor’s appointment, gain second opinions or a personalized care plan from world-leading experts, make important medical decisions and gain more information about a diagnosis or existing condition.
  • Helping employees take ownership of their own health and wellness by promoting an online heart disease and diabetes prevention program. Participants in the program recorded excellent results.
    • Participants lost more than a combined 4,000 pounds.
    • Individuals lost an average of 11 pounds.
    • Participants lost an average of 5.1 percent of their total body weight.
  • Executing a campaign that challenged employees to take a one-minute online risk screener to find out if they are at risk for type 2 diabetes or heart disease. As part of the campaign, $1 was donated to Feeding America for every employee who completed the screener.

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