Expectations of Integrity

Schwan's Company strives to be a responsible steward of the environment, and we expect the same from our suppliers.

We seek business partners who comply with all environmental laws and share our commitment to use resources responsibly. In accordance with our Standards of Conduct for Business Partners (PDF), we expect our suppliers to set goals for eliminating and reducing waste and develop production facilities that address community, environmental and social needs.

We do not raise or handle livestock; however, as a food company we are committed to working with our supply chain to ensure that all of our suppliers’ animal-handling practices meet the highest industry standards and all federal and state livestock regulations.

We constantly monitor and work with suppliers to stay current with industry standards such as those established by the National Dairy Farm Program.

It is our commitment to review and work with our supply chain to ensure the safest, best environment feasible for animal welfare because it is consistent with our core beliefs and it is the right thing to do.