California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 Compliance

Updated: March 8, 2021

Schwan's Company, and its subsidiaries (Schwan's), operate from the core belief of running business in a fair, honest and socially responsible manner while striving to make the communities where it resides a better place. Please see more of how Schwan's implements this belief in our Corporate Responsibility Report.

As a U.S.-based affiliate of CJ CheilJedang Corporation (CJCJ), Schwan's prides itself in conducting ethical business practices and adhering to our core values. As CJ Group founder Byung-Chul Lee had stated, “a company must contribute to society as well as enhance the quality of life and growth of the economy through business.” This is a hallmark of our philosophy to co-exist and to promote integrity throughout our supply chain and the communities we touch. Our mission is to contribute to the global community by providing the best value with our OnlyOne products and services. Our vision is to become a global lifestyle company inspiring a new life of health, happiness, and convenience.

Further building upon this belief is an expectation of employees of Schwan's subsidiaries to act in an ethical and legal manner. Schwan's conducts an annual ethics training and review that is mandatory of each employee and serves as a reminder of the company's expectations. Each employee is expected to follow the company's “Business Ethics Code of Conduct (PDF)” and to conduct business in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal laws. In furtherance of this expectation, Schwan's operates from its core values of: Integrity, Passion, Creativity and Respect. This expectation is also extended to all of Schwan's business partners, which includes but is not limited to raw material and service providers in its supply chain.

While Schwan's acknowledges and appreciates the wide variety of cultural and political differences in all the countries of the world, the underlying expectation is that its business partners should at all times conform with the “Standards of Conduct For Business Partners: Our Expectations of Our Business Partners (PDF),” which is now communicated in contracts with business partners. Schwan's itself carefully selects its suppliers and contractually requires that any products and/or services provided by a business partner is done in accordance with all applicable laws, including but not limited to those related to slavery and human trafficking. Schwan's has a strong commitment to treating its employees fairly with dignity and with respect. Business partners are expected to share in this vision, which would include conducting business with high levels of integrity, responsibility and ethical standards supporting the fundamental human rights that should be afforded to all individuals.

Schwan's expects that its business partners would not employ underage individuals in violation of applicable law, would not use illegal, abusive, involuntary or forced labor, or fail to comply with wage and hour laws. Working environments and conditions for employees should be safe and sanitary and promote the general welfare of employees. Schwan’s policies are intended to extend further than the law. Accordingly, Schwan's has provided business partners an avenue to report compliance issues involving not only themselves but others, including employees, through its Ethics Help line at 1-800-818-9065 or All reports are taken seriously and investigated properly, with remedial measures available for business partners up to and including possible removal of the business partner from Schwan’s supply chain and in the circumstance of an employee violation, remedial measures up to and including termination. If an investigation leads to an audit of a particular business partner within Schwan’s supply chain, such a Schwan-conducted audit would be announced to the respective business partner. Through open communication and this reporting mechanism, Schwan's maintains its commitment to operating in a fair, honest and socially responsible manner balanced with safeguarding the individuals contributing to the supply chain.