My vision for our future is a strong, solid, well-managed, fast-growing, exciting, innovative company with high business ethics and an excellent reputation – a company that offers great opportunities, a place where people like to work.

-Marvin Schwan, founder

Achieving Our Vision

Our Values Shape Our Culture

At Schwan's Company, five core values serve as the foundation of our culture and guide our actions as we work to achieve extraordinary results. These values define our character and have remained unchanged by business trends, competitive pressures or individual leaders. Our values bind us together as we work toward the benefit of our consumers, customers and employees.

  • Growth — We relentlessly and urgently pursue value-added company and individual growth.
  • Hard Work — We use intelligent, extraordinary effort to deliver superior customer and consumer value.
  • Helping one Another — We use teamwork and open, constructive dialogue to achieve greater success.
  • Enthusiasm — We are visibly engaged, passionate and determined to win regardless of circumstances.
  • Integrity — We do what is right regardless of cost or consequences.