Employee Health & Safety

Schwan's Company is committed to offering programs, tools and resources that help employees stay healthy and safe.


For safety, our goal is to make sure everyone goes home in the same shape as when they came to work. We make safety our top priority and work toward achieving zero employee injuries and zero vehicular accidents with four guiding principles:

  1. Working safely is a condition of employment.
  2. Everyone is responsible for preventing accidents and injuries.
  3. All accidents and injuries can be prevented
  4. Employees have the right to stop unsafe work.

Employee Health

To complement the company’s focus on safety, an important part of the culture at Schwan's Company is ensuring employees are fully engaged in their health and wellness. Our team members have access to fitness-center discounts, online physical activity trackers, free health screenings and assessments, rewards for healthful behaviors and assistance programs for quitting tobacco products. In 2015, we gave special focus to:

  • Partnering with Blue Cross Blue Shield to roll out the “do.” campaign, implementing “do.stretches” and “do.stand” for employees during the work day.
  • Launching a campaign where more than 1,000 employees increased their intake of fruits and vegetables to five servings per day.
  • Expanding our diabetes-prevention programs after launching a successful pilot program. In 2015, we tested a new diabetes-prevention program where 53 participating employees:
    • Achieved an average weight loss of 18 pounds.
    • 70 percent lost 5 percent or more of their body weight.
    • 75 percent met their goal of increasing physical activity to 150 minutes per week.

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